Trek Learning Centre is a not-for-profit charity dedicated to providing equity to young people experiencing disengagement from education, training or employment.

We provide a safe, therapeutic environment to scaffold ability and knowledge along with wrap-around case management to ensure structural and personal barriers are addressed ensuring appropriate supports are in place to allow for genuine success in future engagement.

Trek Learning Centre offers The 5 Acre Project- a two day a week program run over a full school term for young people 14-17. 5 Acres runs from a functioning farm where young people are immersed in therapeutic horticultural principles, building, animal care, cooking, baristing and a development of self-understanding, compassion and responsibility to ensure strong successful educational or future employment outcomes.

At Trek we know that investing in vulnerable young people offers incredible benefits not only to the individual but also the wider community as higher education, employment and community engagement is achieved. Not all young people start with the same opportunity and it is our belief that providing a safe environment to feel calm, accepted and believed in paves the way for skills and knowledge to be built and developed, defences to be lowered and genuine success to be achieved.